The MS1 is available with certain manufacturing options such as: barn door, double acting door, flat front, sides post, etc.

barn door
coal door
flat front
(external mount)
Options illustrated as reference only



Rugged and economical!

This body is designed for light to medium duty applications (sand, gravel & light excavating). Its construction, mainly of 44Wgrade steel (3/16’’), enables it to do the job. Furthermore, the floor center piece, made form AR200 steel, significantly increases the wear resistance factor and also provides proportional strength to sustain the stress during the loading process.


The MS1 is available in different sizes*
Length: 9’0’’ to 13’0’’
Sides: 24’’, 30’’, 36’’
Door: 30’’, 36’’,42’’, 48’’
**Approx. weight: 3240 lbs
(based on 11’0’’ x 30’’ x 42’’ body)

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